SOLDES – Leather Money Clip Mannequin 60 €

Les derniers money clips de notre collection Mannequin sont désormais disponibles au prix de 60 € (au lieu de 90 €), un prix très doux pour un produit de cette qualité.SaffianoBlackMoneyClip 2

Réalisés en cuir italien, ils se révèlent extrêmement pratiques à l’usage. En effet, ils peuvent contenir un nombre important de cartes diverses et la pince à billets intégrée permet à ceux-ci de rester bien en place.SaffianoBlackMoneyClip 34

mcnoir6Selon nous, le principal avantage de tels money clips est qu’ils sont nettement moins encombrants que les gros portefeuilles et ne déformeront donc pas votre poche arrière de pantalon ou la poche intérieure de vos vestes.SaffianoBlackMoneyClip

Couleur disponible: Noir (2 pièces disponibles!). N’hésitez pas à nous contacter via ce mail:

A noter toutefois que nos money clips ne peuvent contenir de C.N.I.mcnoir5

MANNEQUIN – Genuine Leather

Within the framework of our activities, we’ve discovered a great South Korean brand of bags and leather goods accessories: MANNEQUIN.Tote NavyBrown

As we have said in the past, South Korea is nowadays a stronghold of menswear. Korean people are passionate and very precise, like the Japanese.

Bags and accessories are often neglected in formal or casual menswear. However carrying a bag, a clutch or a brief case is almost a daily custom for South Korean men. We point out two benefits of this accessories and bags expansion: men are always carrying their wallet, mobile phone, keys, etc. in their jackets or their pants and it tends to put their clothes out of shape and to damage them.ClutchBurgundy

Men who have to carry a laptop, a touchpad or various documents for business purposes, often carry poorly designed bags and goods. Mannequin aims at solving this issue.sepGlossyBrown

When we discovered MANNEQUIN, we were pleasantly surprised by its multi-purposes’ items. It matched with our ideas of  style and elegance. The bags are versatile, they can blend well with a formal/business outfit, or with a more casual one, as you can see on the photographs.AlberDkBrown - Copie (5)

MANNEQUIN is a popular brand in South Korea but also in Japan and it has got some recognition from menswear magazines such as LEON and Men’s Ex.leon

Furthermore the director of the Pitti Uomo Alberto Scaccioni has declared himself “very impressed by the products” and has been seen many times carrying a brown suede tote bag of the brand.AS Mannequin Suede Tote

By the way, we have ordered and received some products of MANNEQUIN. We have to say that we are not disappointed. The quality is up the part, as well as the models – simple and colourful –, the fabrics used and the careful finishing. Most of the products are handcrafted.


Mannequin 2

MANNEQUIN’s value for money is way better than many other brands and that’s why we decided to take up the challenge to distribute its products in Europe.

Brief Cases

Brief Cases

Before the brand becomes available in retail shops and online, we would like for you to take advantage of the products we received: backpacks, tote bags, Suede tote bags, preppy & teddy tote bags, clutch bags and money-clips. It’s a capsule collection with a limited number of items and we have no doubt on the fact our readers will be the best ambassador for MANNEQUIN. You can see the collection on the tab “Our Products” on our blog.

Sac à dos cuir

Sac à dos cuir

Do not hesitate to contact us on our e-mail or on, or by phone. Payment can be made via paypal, we ship worldwide.

Clutch cuir Orange

Clutch cuir Orange

Tote Bags

Tote Bags

We will keep you informed about special events and news on the brand!