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Chalk Stripe Suit & Vintage Sulka Coat

Sulka SulkaMartingaleSuitChalk Stripe

Vintage Camel Coat: Sulka

Chalk Stripe Suit

Shirt: Mazzarelli

Knit Tie: Drake’s London

Pocket Square: Simonnot Godard

Shoes: Crockett & Jones

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Inspirations de la semaine

Source: Google Images, Dior, AmbrosiUnionMade, Oi Polloi, Ralph Lauren, Mister Freedom, The Armoury, Under LA, Frans Boone.

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Ovadia & Sons S/S 2013 Preview

Source: GQ/Ovadia & Sons

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Drake’s F/W 2012

Voici le premier lookbook jamais réalisé par Drake’s, le résultat est plutôt probant et prometteur pour la marque anglaise qui tend, depuis son rachat par The Armoury,  à étoffer son offre en proposant dorénavant des vestes et des chaussures. 

Source: Selectism

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Wise words from Luciano Barbera

“Alas, you can’t and you won’t. But wait, I have a solution. Knit ties. No, hear me out before you go to have ‘a little work done.’ Knit ties are imperfect by nature. The knot slips a bit. They fly in the wind. They pull over time. They have a variable shape. They are casual, playful, a kid dressed in his dad’s clothes. Do you have a bulldog? They are like a bulldog face. Imperfect, yet, beautiful. Forever young? No. But they ooze sprezzatura, spirit, elegance. And, oh, if you don’t have a dog, you might get one. I worry you are not getting out enough.”

Luciano Barbera, on how to stay young forever.

Source: Put This On

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